Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 Week (and 1 Day) Update

We have officially crossed over into territory where we have less time left being pregnant than we have been pregnant so far. 21 weeks along! That's 19 weeks to go. I had my 20 week appointment on Thursday and was measuring small. To me that sounds great. Although, I am now worried that this could be my first full term pregnancy or even going past my due date.
Painting with a belly!

With that being said, this little dude is measuring 2 days ahead of schedule. I am hoping (fingers, toes, and everything that can cross is crossed) that baby dude is accurate and I am not. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 203.7 and 208.9 pounds. I am getting closer to what I SHOULD be weighing, but I am still not quite there. This morning I weighed in at 200.4 pounds, a total gain of  4.6 pounds.
Almost can't see my feet!
I have been experiencing heartburn lately. I had to breakdown and get Tums. I got the berry kind which makes it easier to eat them. My headaches have gone away, except when around cats and while dusting. I am assuming at this point that I am developing new allergies. I have never had a problem with cats or dust, but things change. I have also had so many cravings. I can't pin point what my pregnancy craving is with this little guy because it changes so often. Right now, I am craving sour candy. I just got sour gummy life savers the other day (when I picked up Tums). Sour skittles, sour patch kids, sour punch straws, or anything at that same sour caliber. Taco Bell has been a big one too. So much so that Nolan now knows that the Taco Bell sign means food. Sad, I know.
21 weeks!
We bought the baby his first brand new little outfit. I hung it up in his closet already so I am instead attaching the picture from Carter's website (I am currently addicted to shopping there). We have also gotten a tummy-time tunnel thing and a portable sleeping rocker (attaching pictures of all of them).


  1. We have the sleeping rocker for Jase and he has been sleeping in it since he came home from the hospital and is now almost 11 weeks old. HE loves it! Definitely one our best purchases!

    Congrats Again!
    Kylee Huey

  2. I have heard great things about them, so I am hoping our little guy loves it. I guess if not, no biggie.