Wednesday, May 1, 2013

22 Week (and 3 Day) Update

Week 22 mark has come. This was one of the most difficult weeks thus far in my pregnancy. I had a little bit of a breakdown (I'm sure my husband would not call it a little breakdown but hey, who's writing this blog). No one was safe from my wrath either. I was vicious. The amount of things that I normally take on without a problem, caught up with me and caused me to break. I finally got to the point that I was so overwhelmed or whatever, that everything got blown out or proportion. Thankfully my husband can put up with my craziness and reel me back in. He helped me through my little episode, and even managed to get most of the kitchen done!

So beyond the crazy hormones, my headaches have gone away and my energy has returned to nearly normal. I have started to gain weight more normally. This has settled some of my worries with our little guy's growth. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 204.1 and 209.6 pounds. Saturday morning, when I weighed in, my weight was still below what it should be but closer now. I weighed in at 201.7 pounds, which is a total weight gain of 5.9 pounds. I am OK with this because it is a gain. I am hoping to keep this number low though so I have less to lose after this baby is born.

Which brings me to the most exciting news, we have named the baby!!!! It has taken a while for us to even come close to agreeing on even candidates for names. However, with a huge list emailed to Adam by myself, we agreed on two! When he gave me the two that he liked, I liked one more than the other. Seeing as he liked them both, we decided on the one that I liked more. Our little guy will be named.......drum roll please.......WYATT!!!! We have yet to decide on a middle name so any suggestions will be appreciated.


  1. I have been an e-mail subscriber to your blog for quite a while, and I don't know that I've commented before (I am sorry).
    I have love your blog, and am excited to read your pregnancy updates (I am an RN in a very small Birthing Center in a rural WV hospital). I LOVE the name "Wyatt", no matter the Middle name his First name will is wonderful!!!
    My ex-husband & I struggled when choosing a name for our son, and we finally agreed on a First name (Sawyer), but the Middle name was a tough one. We finally settled on Jace (an abbreviated version of my brother-in-law's name) the day we left the hospital.
    I'm sorry for a lengthy post, but I just wanted to say "Hi".

  2. Thanks NanaJen. I really appreciate you reading. We had such a difficult time with names. I thought for sure this poor guy wouldn't get a name until we were ready to leave the hospital :) So when we both liked Wyatt, it was like a sigh of relief. I LOVE the name Sawyer. My neighbor is also pregnant with a little boy (due a day after me)and Sawyer is one of her choices that her and her husband have decided on. Middle names are tough. I keep thinking that I have to be able to use it in a discipline setting easily (my son is Nolan Myles and my daughter is Ryenn Adaly (pronounced Ryan and Add-uh-lee)). I like the name Jace too! I know middle names are not as important but I HATE my middle name (or at least the pairing of my first and middle name). Emily Sue really sounds country, right? Thanks again for reading my blog. I appreciate it!

    1. You are VERY welcome!!!
      Your name choices for your older children are PERFECT, and so is your's (it's not @ all too "country" sounding - I've heard some VERY "country" names! I enjoy unique names, and the thought that goes into naming children.
      I have a rather "generic" name (Jennifer Dawn - only one of the top 3 "most popular names" for DECADES), and I wanted my children to have something "different", but not "strange". I chose Sawyer because of "Tom Sawyer" (my favorite character in a book - as a child). My daughter's name is "Torrie Brielle" (her father's name is Troy, and it was a close, more feminine version).
      I am certain that the complete name you choose will be just as PERFECT as the names of his older siblings. Again, Thank You for a wonderful Blog.

    2. Aww thanks! I LOVE your kids' names. Brielle was one of my choices for if we were having a girl. I also really liked Maison (said like Mason) for a girl. My husband thought it would be too masculine. Then I said, and Ryenn isn't?! Naming kids is definitely harder than you would think, especially the more you have. They have to gel. One of your kids cannot sound like they don't belong, in my opinion. Emily has been in the top ten names since 1990, I believe, so I hear you about having a popular name. I hated having to go by Emily V in high school because there were so many Emily's in my class. I wanted to avoid that with my kids.