Monday, May 6, 2013

23 Week (and 2 Day) Update

This past week went a lot better than the week before for me. I don't know if this is because my hormones are leveling back out or if it is because my horrendous kitchen is now complete (minus the trim, back splash, and dishwasher which we are waiting to have shipped).

Either way, it went a lot better for me. I have been able to concentrate a bit more and have a lot more energy. If you need to know how much my energy has improved, wait until you see the work I did in my kitchen.
Not a good picture of me, but look at Nolan in the bottom right hand corner!
When I weighed in on Saturday, I weighed 202.7 pounds. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 204.4 and 210.2 pounds. I am still below my "target" weight gain but getting closer. I am hoping to stay below it so that weight loss is easier after Wyatt is born.

I have found myself to be craving Taco Bell this past week like crazy. This doesn't help my heartburn. It makes it easier when I ask Nolan what he wants to eat and he says tacos. It justifies me wanting Taco Bell a little more :)
Welp, it's been nice knowing you feet.....

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