Tuesday, May 21, 2013

25 Week (and 3 Day) Update

This week was another difficult one for me. Mainly this started after my doctor's appointment on Thursday, but the beginning of the week wasn't very simple either. Sleep hasn't been something that has been apart of my vocabulary other than phrases like "I didn't sleep at all last night" or "I feel like I could sleep for days." Falling asleep and staying asleep has been a major problem. I am in that weird stage of pregnancy where my belly is too big to sleep on my back or stomach, but not big enough to keep me on my side (I am definitely not a side sleeper).

The best place for me to sleep this past week was the couch because I couldn't toss and turn. But who really wants to sleep on the couch a bunch. When I went to me doctor appointment on Thursday, I ended up calling Adam after while I was still in the parking lot in tears. I was debating on sharing this because I didn't quite know how to process this information, but decided to in my attempt to be as honest as possible. Anyway, while we were listening to the heart tones, Wyatt's heart rate kept changing. She thought this may be because I was lying flat on my back, so she propped me up a bit.

This didn't completely get rid of the irregular rate rates, but helped a bit. My doctor was going to send me for a fetal echocardiogram, but decided to talk to maternal fetal medicine first instead. She said that she was concerned that Wyatt may an arrhythmia, but that the structure of his heart looked perfect in my last ultrasound (hence why she wanted to talk to maternal fetal medicine). This is why I became the girl crying in the parking lot. My emotions have been going nuts, and without clear answers to something that may be a problem, I felt lost.

I still haven't heard from her (which she said she would call to set something up if need be). I am assuming this is good news, but can't help but stress about it. I fixed my sleeping problems though. Adam got me this amazing Boppy pregnancy sleep pillow that has worked wonders for my sleeping. While I wake up with my back hurting a bit (again, I was not made for side sleeping), I actually get sleep. Thank God! This has helped my moods a bit and my focus. And I am hoping that this is helping Wyatt.

I also did a bit of online reading about the situation I am in. I know, I know, more times than not it is depressing to read and always leaves you thinking the worst case scenario  However, I felt better after reading. I guess it is not uncommon to have an irregular heartbeat. I read that 14% of normal pregnancies have an irregular fetal heart rate. This made me feel better. It also said of those 14%, only 2% need treatment before or after birth. This made me feel even better.

I am also changing my dieting/drinking habits. I have increased my caffeine intake so much lately because of my lack of sleep that this could be affecting Wyatt's heart rate as well (Mountain Dew is my addiction). I have been weening myself away from pop though seeing as I don't want to shock Wyatt's system without the caffeine either. So I am hoping all of these changes help my little guy AND maybe help with unnecessary weight gain. I gained quite a bit this past week. According to Baby Med, I am still in the range I want to be in. I should weigh between 205.2 and 211.4 pounds. I weighed in on Saturday morning at 206.3 pounds. This puts me at a total weight gain of 10.5 pounds. I am attributing most of this weight gain to unhealthy pop consumption, so I am sure that this number will be way off track next week.

I am also experiencing something I did not with either of my previous pregnancies. I may need to buy maternity clothes! I had a bunch of clothes around the last times from when I was a lot heavier that fit just fine when I was pregnant. However, with losing the weight and having the goal of keeping it off, I got rid of these things. This means that currently I am limited on what I can wear. This has been ok so far but with the temperature getting higher and higher, I become more and more limited on what I can wear. My jeans all fit, but not my shorts. Or maybe it's that they fit but I don't feel comfortable running around in shorts. I am currently wearing shorts that have no problem buttoning. With that being said, I feel like they are SUPER short. Either way, I need to invest in a few pairs of shorts that I feel comfortable wearing. I bought more fabric to make another dress like my yellow maxi dress, but this one is going to fall right above my knees. Keep an eye open for the tutorial on how to make this dress for your self.


  1. Tiffany WilgenhofMay 21, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    Don't stress. No news is good news :)
    Remember me freaking out last month about my ultrasound? Everything turned out fine.
    I have read too that it is completely normal for a babies heart beat to be off at times. The caffeine will defiantly have an effect.
    I'm sure everything is fine.
    NOW, all we have to do is get through this heat and the crazy mosquitos!!

    Ps. Goodwill usually has cute maternity clothes

  2. I'm so sorry you had to experience something scary.
    Fetal arrhythmia is more common than you think. It does warrant further investigation when persistent, but they typically correct long before delivery...or even at the time of delivery when the baby's blood flow changes to support life outside of the womb.
    My oldest grand-daughter had a SEVERE arrhythmia prior to delivery. It persisted for weeks, the fetal EKG was done, and listening to the monitor (while she labored) was a MAJORLY STRESSFUL ordeal (I am a L&D RN). The Pediatrician was on stand-by @ delivery, and as soon as she delivered...her heartbeat was completely, totally NORMAL!!!
    You and your family are in my thoughts & prayers!

  3. I'm sorry for your exhaustion and worries, but I second the other comments- irregular fetal heart rate is common. You're doing a good job preparing for baby and trying to take care of yourself and family. I love seeing your updates thru pregnancy and the love you have for your family. Your example of joy and confidence in God thru a sometimes difficult pregnancy are a gift to your other children. They remember how we handle worries. Keep taking care of your body, turn your worries over to Him, and you've done all you can for your baby, except to expect great things!

  4. Thank you all for the great messages. Things have really turned around since I have been able to sleep. It is nice to hear so many people have my family in their prayers. I am extremely blessed to have great followers along with my family and friends. I forgot to tell everyone that I have a recheck two weeks from last Thursday (so about a week away now), to check how this little guy is doing.