Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Wishes

There are so many things a person can wish for. We would all be lying if we hadn't thought about what we would wish for if we had access to a genie or other magical device to grant wishes. However, when I had to sit down for the 30 things my kids should know about me list and actually narrow it down to the three things I would wish for over everything else, it was more difficult than I thought. I have always thought about my wishes from purely a possessions aspect. But is that what I would actually wish for? Would I make my wishes selfish? I was trying to think of ways to blanket in so many things I would want into each wish.

  1. My first wish would be to win the lottery when it was at a ridiculously high amount in the near future. This way I can provide financially for my immediate family as well as my extended family. My kids' college would be paid for, we would have the bigger house we are going to need soon, and  I could take away the financial burdens of so many of my family members. 
  2. My second wish would be for excellent health until death for each of my family members. This would ensure that everyone was around as long as their body was allowing, without pain or other debilitating disease. It would also ensure that I don't have to see my kids get sick. 
  3. My third wish would be abuse of any kind to end. There are too many instances of child abuse, domestic abuse, and animal abuse in this world. I feel that ending this would make everything a bit better.
While these wishes are not the only things I would want for my future, they are the only things that I would want magic to help with. I wouldn't wish for a perfect marriage because then it wouldn't be real. I wouldn't wish for a better relationship with God because again it wouldn't be genuine. I wouldn't wish for world peace because the field of work I am looking to get into thrives on people doing the wrong thing (selfish, I know). I wanted my wishes to take away the stress my entire family feels as well as something that effects me greatly. It pains me to hear about abuse, especially with kids and animals. I think that these innocent lives deserve better in life and starting with a life without abuse would certainly help that. 

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