Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Things That Make me Happiest Right Now

The 30 things my kids should know about me list asks about the 5 things that make me the most happy right now. While this changes from day to day, I thought this would be a fun topic for the night (seeing as I am not crabby from lack of sleep). I know some of the 5 things will be quite obvious, others may not be.

  1. My family: I know that this is somewhat an obvious choice, but that is why it had to be on the list. I would be lost without my husband and kids. They are my whole world and everything to me. They are my reason to keep going everyday, my reason to wake up, my source of happiness. I am beyond in love with being a wife and mother. I do not think that happiness would exist without these three in my life. 

  2. A clean house: Never underestimate the power of a clean house. I feel calm and relaxed when my house is clean. When it isn't, I feel like I cannot concentrate or focus on anything. With toddlers, it is exhausting to keep a house clean. With that being said, I cannot handle my house being a mess. It makes me very irritable. I vacuum daily due to dogs and toddlers. This is why me not needing much sleep has always been a great thing. While being pregnant with Wyatt, however, I have needed a lot more sleep.
  3. Knitting: I love the feeling of making something. I love to see something appear out of a ball of yarn. I especially like seeing things I have made being worn or used. It makes me happy.
  4. Spending money: Yes, I understand that this should be a no no with one income. However, I LOVE going shopping. I think this is one bad trait that I have picked up from my mother (someone else who loves to shop). I am not one who likes to spend money on myself, but my kids and our house. We never leave Target without getting Nolan and Ryenn something (I know this is also a bad habit). Even if I go to Target on a limited time and for something specific, I seem to walk out with way more than I should.
  5. The sun: I am someone who needs to move far from Michigan due to the lack of sun here. Less than 180 days out of the year have mostly sun. This is a depressing fact. For me, my mood is greatly affected by the weather. I love a warm day with a lot of sun. If there was somewhere that had sun everyday, I would have found my spot of heaven. 

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