Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kitchen Update! Almost Done!!!

I am extremely hands on when I am pregnant. The spring that I was pregnant with Nolan I was out raking wet leaves while Adam worked and my neighbor told me to stop it and called me crazy. Well about a month ago, all of our "free time" was been spent getting our kitchen done. After my 22 week meltdown, which was mainly because of our dysfunctional kitchen, I guess it is safe to say that Adam saw it in his best interest to get it done. That doesn't mean he did it alone. Oh no. This pregnant wife does not stand on the sidelines very well. She tends to do more and take on more than she ever should. So who tore up the whole kitchen floor? Who primed and painted the whole room in a day? And who laid the whole floor, with amazing precision cuts by her husband? This gal right here.

We still have a bit to do, but we have made major progress. We can use every inch of our kitchen for the first time since September. We started demo in late September of last year. We slowly made progress until a few weeks ago. NOTE: Pregnancy makes me a little nuts and demanding so yes you can feel sorry for my husband. We still have a few things to finish before it is complete (like install the dishwasher, a few new outlets, the trim around doors and windows, baseboards, toe kicks on the cabinets, and the microwave). However, At this point I am extremely happy with the progress that has been made. My husband worked hard to give me the kitchen that I wanted in this house, and got it done fairly quickly......after a little meltdown ;)


  1. Emily it looks so great! I'm so excited you have a functional space again!!