Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lamp Revamp

When Adam and I moved into our sweet little home nearly 4 years ago (really it has almost been 4 years?!), we didn't spend a ton on decor and what not. We were just starting out and shortly after moving in, I was let go from my job (damn downsizing). Nonetheless, we made the best of what we had. We were given three lamps (seeing as there was very little lighting to work with in our house) by his grandma that she had found in a garage sale. They were definitely not wither of our style. Yet they have sat in our house since moving in.
Before :(

They have made their way from room to room, trying to find their permanent place. Since our living room is the most lived in room in our house that doesn't have much in the way of lighting, they finally made their way back there. It also helped that little lamps were needed in our "new" bedroom. And they still did not match our decor or tastes. I couldn't fathom spending an arm and a leg on new lamps seeing as my kids knock these off the tables on a regular basis when they work just fine. So I decided a revamp on the lamps was in order.
After :)
I bought a can of a gloss spray paint that had a crackled finish in a black. I was excited to get this project underway. I then went and bought white shades at Lowe's that would allow more light show throw compared to the old shades. What do you think? Simple chic, cheap fix, and now they match!
And the matching smaller lamps match now too!

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