Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Husband Loves Me!

I have never really questioned why my husband loves me until reading it is a part of the 30 things my kids should know about me list. Once I was asked to talk about why I think he loves me, I was lost for words. Why DOES he love me? That's all that kept coming to mind. Not an answer. I tried to think about all the times I have heard Adam say "and that's why I love you." Then I laugh because of the things that would warrant him saying that line. So here it goes. Here is a short list that has brought him to utter these words in the past:

  1. My butt (he is obsessed)
  2. My "angry" face
  3. The way I ask a million questions during a movie, even if he has never seen it before either
  4. My need to ask stupid questions
  5. When I don't get jokes right away, or at all

I know these are not THE reasons my husband loves me. I know he loves that I am the mother of his children. He loves that I am driven and dedicated. He loves that I am smart (or at least book smart, right darling?). He loves me for being able to do so much. He loves that he is able to hold a conversation with me without feeling like he can't be challenged or educated. 

He and I are our perfect match. I was asked recently what I was thinking when I decided to move in with him before knowing him for too long and my response was that him and I just felt right. I felt like I had known him forever. 

He has a track record for having short relationships but says he knew that I was "the one" after our first fight. He said that usually he would say "ok, next" when a girl would fight with him. Instead, he said that he actually was upset that I was upset. He said that it actually mattered to him that he made me upset. He was saddened to hear me cry. He said that he knew he was going to marry me when he wanted to "fix" what he had done to upset me instead of move on. 

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