Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tulip Time in Holland

While it has been a while since we actually went to the Tulip Time festival, I completely forgot to share about our experience (pregnancy brain, I swear). We decided to go on a Tuesday even though Adam had to work. The rest of the week was supposed to rain or I was babysitting. So with a day off for myself and my mother-in-law, and the fact that Allyson was in town, made it a perfect day to go see the tulips.

We decided to go to Centennial Park in Holland. All I wanted to do was to see some gorgeous flowers, let the kids run around, and possibly grab a bite to eat. This was the perfect place for it.

Nolan was able to run like a mad man throughout the park (although he kept making me nervous even though he was far from the road).

Ryenn liked running around too, but she liked looking at the flowers. I did have to keep telling her to not touch them. Her response was to squeeze the flower and say either wow or oooh! It was adorable. A freelance photographer even thought she was too cute not to take pictures of.

We got some great pictures of the flowers and the kids. We also got some great fries and I tried my very first elephant ear. I know people are going to think that I am nuts for saying this, but I was a little disappointed.

With a less than amazing elephant ear experience for me, the day was still pretty perfect. That is until we had to leave and the tears began from my little guy. I cannot wait to go next year when they are a little bigger and can be involved in more of the activities.

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