Saturday, May 18, 2013

WIP Wyatt's Patchwork Blanket

When finishing Ryenn's patchwork blanket, I realized that I loved the way it looked. It is probably one of my favorite projects that I have finished. So why not replicate it? With another little one on the way (still shocking that there is now only 15 weeks until Wyatt is due to enter this world), blankets are always a necessity. I decided to make one for each of the boys. While have decided, and started knitting it actually, the colors for Wyatt's blanket, I am torn on what I should do for Nolan. But let's get back to that later.

For Wyatt's blanket, I chose only four colors (swatches above) instead of six like Ryenn's. I chose Red Heart's Super Saver for three of the colors;  Aran, Soft Navy and Turqua. I used some of the left over green I had in my stash (which the above swatch and every other picture I have taken does not do this color justice). The green is Loops and Threads Impeccable in Soft Fern. I have finished the 9 green squares and have finished 2 navy squares so far.

My debate with colors for Nolan's blanket is whether to make his match Wyatt's or maybe something completely different. As I think of possible color schemes I want to do, I will share. Until then , feel free to suggest amazing color combos!

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