Tuesday, June 18, 2013

29 Week (and 3 Day ) Update

It seems that this last part of my pregnancy has been flying past. Maybe time knows that I don't quite feel that I have everything ready. I still have so many things that need to be finished around the house before a newborn gets here. I've eased up a bit on my "nesting mode" but still feel that I am constantly wanting to reorganize or remodel something in our house. With Nolan and Ryenn having their birthday party coming up, these things have taken a back seat.

I have finally gotten everything clothes wise accounted for and am filling in the gaps of the younger aged things we still need. I am still in need of 0-3 months sized jammies, which seems weird because we have a zillion pairs for 3-6 months. I also still have to get a new nursing pillow. Beyond that, we are covered. There are things I still WANT to get (video monitor, new baby bath with the sprayer attached, infant to toddler rocker, and receiving blankets), but these are just to replace things we already have.

I have been having trouble sleeping again the last few days, which has not helped my energy level. I am also starting to feel my limitations. I need help getting off the couch or floor sometimes and bending over is getting a little more difficult. I have added some light arm workouts to my routine in the last few days in order to keep up my strength as well as boost my energy (if that's possible). I am thinking about adding leg and butt exercises as well (gotta keep my booty in check). I gained quite a bit of weight in the last week, but it has started dropping again. I was up to 214.6 pounds, but weighed back in at 211.2 on Saturday. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 206.7 and 213.9 pounds. At 214, I was higher than I should be, but now I am back down within range again. I am hoping that working out will help keep that in check.

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