Sunday, June 23, 2013

Half Way to My Degree

I share so much about my kids, my crafts, and everything else, but not too much about something that takes up a lot of my time; school. I decided to go back to school around Christmas of 2011. I was tired of feeling like my dream of becoming a lawyer was never going to happen. After hearing about how I can complete my Bachelor's degree completely online at Baker, I was sold. I applied at the end of December and was almost immediately accepted. I had to take an online success course, which caused me to start my first quarter halfway through the winter quarter of 2012.

The online program at Baker that I am enrolled in has four available quarters each year. These quarters are divided into two six week periods. I began taking a full-time course load of twelve credit hours; one class during the first six week period and two during the second six week period. This was not challenging enough for me, seeing as I made the Dean's List no problem, and I certainly did not want to actually take four years to complete my degree. I upped this course load to sixteen credit hours (I was only allowed to register for a maximum of seventeen without assistance). When I made the President's List with these sixteen credits, I decided to beg ask if I could add one more class to the next quarter. It was somewhat difficult to get this approved because my advisor was skeptical about my taking my English class with another class the previous quarter. When I made the President's List while taking a class with my English class against her advisement, she was easier to convince.

So began my journey of taking twenty credit hours per quarter, a total of five classes. I just started my second summer quarter and am past my halfway point for finishing my Bachelor's degree. Yes that's right, I will finish my four year degree in a total of two years. I will be graduating with my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice next spring! I am beyond excited and can taste law school already. I have made the Dean's List every quarter so far, with the exception of one which is when I made the President's list. I don't mean to sound like I am bragging or that I think I am amazing, but I am damn proud of that accomplishment.

I have looked into law school and have decided to attend Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids. This was mostly based on the fact that I do not want to uproot my family for me to go to school for three years and I certainly do not want to live away from them for any amount of time during the week. So instead I am going to start at Cooley (pending acception) in the fall of 2014. I have also looked into their law programs and with my current GPA (and hoping I get at least a 143 on my LSATs) I can take an accelerated program. This will allow me to get my Juris Doctorate in two years rather than three. Translation? I would graduate from law school in the spring of 2016! Even further translation? I will have completed my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice AND my Juris Doctorate in a total of four years!!!

I am determined to get my schooling done as soon as possible and am willing to work my butt off to do so. I impress myself by doing so well in school while tending to all my other responsibilities. And the funny thing is is that I am still looking to add more to my plate! I have recently applied for a couple of office jobs that are part-time. I am hoping to get one of these jobs to help pay for my schooling as well as provide for my family while I am still in school. Anyone who knows me well knows that the more that is on my plate, the better I do. So here's to being halfway to completion of my bachelor's degree! One more year to go!

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