Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Angry Birds meet Rapunzel

Angry Birds. Rapunzel. What do these two things have in common? Well, usually nothing. However, with two toddlers born 2 weeks apart and being pregnant again this summer, I decided one party for the two of them would be a lot less stressful for this momma. I'm a theme picker. I have to have a theme to the parties I throw. But how could I choose what one kid loves over the other? I couldn't.

This is where Angry Birds and Rapunzel start to share the same world. I began with the invitations. Let me just say that this was an agonizingly tedious process. I had a vision and did not want to stray from it, no matter how difficult it became. I spent the last three days cutting out felt angry birds, Rapunzel towers, and braiding yarn braids.

While the process sucked, they turned out how I wanted them too. With one error. I dumbly misspelled your. I wrote "Your" instead of "You're." GAHH! That would happen. I would like to thank pregnancy brain and 3am working times for that error. I fixed the one that will go in the kids' scrapbook, but not all the one's I sent out this morning (oy).

Nonetheless, I am sure that everyone who gets the invitation will be nice enough to overlook my moment of grammar inability and marvel at all the little pieces I had to cut out. For some reason, I am sure that this misspelling will be joked about for a while :) So keep your eyes open for more of the Angry Birds and Rapunzel worlds clashing as the party planning progresses.


  1. Kudos on the invites!
    I did joint parties for the boys for years - their birthdays are only 2 weeks apart as well, and it was sooo easy to just do one big thing. Now that they want separate parties, I have been outsourcing them to the zoo, science museum, etc.

    1. Thanks! I had a blast making them, even if it was super tedious. I think the outcome far outweighed the painstaking process of making them :) I love being able to make things for their parties. It's just difficult to mesh two completely different themes. I think if Wyatt and Nolan shared a party, it would be a lot easier than with Nolan and Ryenn. I thought about a zoo party, but they haven't really been into the zoo until this year and it was too late to plan a party there after we went a few weeks ago (they were BOOKED).