Monday, June 17, 2013

WIP Nolan's Patchwork Blanket

With Wyatt's and Ryenn's blankets finished, Nolan just had to have his too. I decided to make his sports themed. Adam and I don't really agree on who are our favorite teams. For college football I am a Notre Dame fan and he is a U of M fan. For pro football, I am a Patriot fan and he is a Lion fan. Baseball is the only one we agree on. We both like the Tigers. Now I will say that I didn't really ever follow baseball until I met him but when I did, I followed the Yankees. However, he has converted me to a die hard Tiger's fan. So making Nolan's blanket in Tiger's colors was a no brainer.

I did choose to make his blanket with five colors as well. This is difficult to do with a team's colors, seeing as they usually only have two. I chose orange, navy, and white right off the bat (no pun intended). But two more colors?! How was I supposed to do that. With Adam's help, I decided on a gray square as well. The fifth "color" was by far the most difficult aspect of this blanket. I finally decided to added a striped square of orange and navy in there to fill that fifth color slot.

I have finished the striped, orange, navy, and white squares already. I just have 6 gray squares left and then a decision to make on what color the border should be. I am loving the colors as they are coming together and cannot wait to assemble this blanket.

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