Monday, July 1, 2013

31 Week (and 1 Day) Update with a Look Back on Week 30

Busy. That's the only way I can describe myself right now. School, toddlers, home, birthday party, pregnancy, online business. It's kept me busy the past few weeks. With a few things out of the way, I am able to catch up on other things, such as this blog.

31 weeks! With being so busy, it snuck right up on me. We are in the single digits of weekly countdowns! I cannot wrap my head around that. In 9 short weeks, I am going to be a mother of three. Three babies. I am going to be blessed with three little ones! I have such a mixture of emotions knowing that Wyatt will be here sooner than we think. I feel unprepared. There is so much I want to have done in the house before our little guy gets here. I feel excited. I cannot wait to hold this little guy in my arms. I feel nervous. I keep wondering if I am going to have to energy to keep up with a newborn and two very curious and energetic toddlers. But most of all I feel happy and blessed. I am so excited that I am being blessed with a growing family. Adam and I are beyond words to welcome another little blessing into our hearts.

So what has this pregnancy been like for the past two weeks? I have days where my appetite is nonexistent and others where I feel like I could eat ALL DAY and still not feel full. My belly has unexpectedly gotten in the way of things. For example, I shut my car door the other day and bumped it into my belly. I don't know why it is still news to me that my belly is sticking out. I did get the most amazing compliment the other day though. A woman asked when I was due and said she was shocked that I only had 9 weeks left. Her exact words were, "you are teeny." Now I know she did not mean that I am teeny, but she meant teeny for being 31 weeks along. A few other people have said the same thing. I have been blessed with each of my pregnancies to only gain weight in my belly (knock on wood).

When I weighed in Saturday morning, I weighed 210.7. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 207.8 and 215.8 pounds. I have lost about a pound since my 29 week mark. I am hoping that this means I am losing fat weight while Mr. Wyatt is growing. I have started light workouts for my legs, butt, and arms.

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