Thursday, July 18, 2013

33 Week (and 5 Day) Update

So it has been several days since I have posted anything for you. With this heat wave we have had, my energy level has literally sucked! I know that I complain when it is cold and that I am always wanting warmer weather, but pregnancy and intense heat are not friends. I love the heat and would love to spend every moment of this heat wave outside. However, being pregnant does have its disadvantages. I am not supposed to expose my largely pregnant belly to the sun for too long. And in this heat, the shade is not as refreshing as being in any type of water.

So the past week (and a half) has been difficult for me to say the least. I have been having some pretty intense bouts of contractions. I know I am not in labor because Wyatt is still moving each time, but it still sucks. I have had pain in my upper abdomen that radiates to the upper middle portion of my back. This had made sleeping difficult again. I now have to prop myself up on pillows like I am sleeping in a hospital bed. This is because Wyatt is one BIG baby as of right now and extremely active. Heartburn has been a bitch too (excuse my language but that's the only way I can describe it properly). It is so bad that no matter what I eat, tums immediately follow. It is especially worse when I lay down.

I am finally measuring where I should be. At my last appointment, I was measuring at 33 weeks exactly when I was still a few days away from my 33 week mark. This was promising, seeing as I do NOT want to go any longer than my due date. I am up a little in my weight, but still within range. When I weighed in on Saturday morning (and this morning), I weighed 212.5 pounds. That's a total gain of 16.7 pounds. Not too far away from my goal of only gaining 15, but we still have about 6.5 weeks to go (OMG only 6.5 weeks!). According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 208.2 and 216.4 pounds. I am very comfortably in the middle of that range. I have had a few people tell me that I look teeny for how far along I am. Let me tell you, I don't feel teeny :)

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  1. You look great! Pregnancy heartburn is the worst. I STILL remember the heartburn I had with my middle child - and that was 7 years ago.