Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angry Birds Save Rapunzel Birthday Party

I have been extremely busy this summer. Planning two parties was out of the question. While I have never liked the idea of a combined party for my kids, it was the only option for any party at all this year. I did my best to incorporate two themes that they each really like. That's where Angry Birds for Nolan and Rapunzel for Ryenn met. I must apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures. For some reason, I got next to no pictures from their party. The rain threw me off and having everyone in the house rather than outside ruined my focus. Also, I made ALL of the decorations and food the night before and the day of. Talk about procrastination.

I made their invitations first and came up with so many plans after that. My main plan was to have the kids' party outside. This was ruined by the rain. So a few things that I had planned were out of the questions. I made lanterns like the ones in Tangled to hang in the trees outside. With rain, these were not hung. Second, I made centerpieces for the tables that consisted of a gift bag and balloons. These were also not used. The Angry Birds centerpiece was a green bag that sported a pig face with three balloons tied to it. These balloons were red, yellow, and blue, and had the face of the corresponding Angry Bird on it. The Tangled centerpiece was a white bag with purple balloons tied to it. The bag had the purple banner on it with the yellow sun that is in the movie.

The tables themselves had a matching table cloth (green for Angry Birds, purple for Tangled). On the Tangled table, I braided yellow streamers as a table runner and laid out Rapunzel confetti from Party City. The Angry Birds table had Angry Birds confetti as the table runner from Party City. Sadly, the tables were not used, due to the rain.

Last things that weren't used were the activities. I had gotten balloons for a water balloon fight that would represent the Angry Birds theme. I also got a big box of chalk for the Rapunzel activity. You know, like how she draws all over the road with chalk in the movie. Again, the rain ruined this plan!

We did have some things work out. I got solid colored plates, cups, napkins, and plastic wear to match the theme. I also decorated the garage and front doors with different decorations to incorporate the themes. Their birthday banners took the longest amount of time and were so worth it.

They each got their own cake; and Angry Birds cake and a Tangled cake. Nolan's said "Happy 3rd Birthday Angry Nolan" and Ryenn's said "Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Ryno." I had two glass globe type vases filled with Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos that represented the red and yellow birds. I made cups of blue jello with orange wedge boats in them that I found on Pinterest to represent the boat from Tangled. I also made a fruit tray. Adam cooked up hot dogs and barbecue chicken for everyone as well.

Not her actual cake, but this is exactly what it looked like
Not his actual cake, but this is exactly what it looked like
It turned out better than I expected once the rain rolled in. With a lot of things I had planned being ruined, I was expecting a failure. However, things went well with having all the little ones inside to play with the kids' toys. Clean-up took a little longer, but overall it was a great day!

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