Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FO Pinterest Project 4th of July Shirts

I am all about dressing up my kids for the holidays. I think that the 4th of July is usually the easiest because I can usually pull something together that they already own or make something simple (like Ryenn's dress last year). Well this year, I decided I wanted to make something for both of them, that was fairly simple.

I found pictures on Pinterest of handprint flag shirts and knew that was what I had to make. I picked up the supplies on Wednesday (yes the day before the 4th). Right before bath time, I stripped the kids down and put the blue paint on their hands (I learned the hard way with the handprint canvases to strip them first as to not get paint on the clothes they are wearing). I then had each of them put their hands where the blue part of the flag would be.

Later that night, I used a sponge brush and quickly added the red stripes to the shirts. They were dry by morning. I was so excited by how they turned out. And you know what? I only spent $7.91 at WalMart for the whole project!!!
  • Ryenn's shirt-$3.88
  • Nolan's shirt-$2.44
  • Red Paint-$.57
  • Blue paint-$.57
  • Sponge brush-$0 (already had in my craft supplies)
  • And of course tax

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