Tuesday, August 20, 2013

38 Week (and 2 day) Update

I debated on whether or not to even write a post this week. I have been busy with so many things and thought that since I missed last week's update, what would one more week missed hurt. However, after this past week I thought that this could possibly be my last update about my pregnancy. With so much going on this two weeks with my pregnancy, I thought that an update was a must. Last week Wednesday I was having contractions about 18 minutes apart. I jumped in a hot bath and the contractions slowed to one every half hour or so. Definitely not following a pattern after a bath. I then was having contractions on and off every day since then. They have progressively been getting stronger, but still no pattern.

First, I am still suffering with bronchitis. This has resulted in pulled muscles in my stomach as well as bruising to my ribs from coughing so hard and much. I recently finished a five day medication that is supposed to treat the bronchitis. However, here I sit still coughing a bunch. I also have two inhalers that are supposed to help with breaking it all up and the inflammation. The one for the latter, the rescue inhaler, has been the most useful. Thankfully that's the one I take most often (every 4 to six hours).

The second night of my medication was the best night of sleep I have gotten in the past two to three weeks. The first night was horrid. I coughed for about 4 hours straight after initially taking the medication (which is what resulted in the bruising and pulled muscles). I have been sleeping about 6 to 8 hours the past four nights, which has been helpful for my energy level. I am still overly tired, but definitely able to stay awake during the day.

We also had out maternity pictures taken on Friday the 9th by Tyla from True Expressions. She has taken our previous two maternity shoots as well as our yearly kids/family pictures. We had a ton of fun taking these pictures. I just got the rest of our proofs and am going to have a very difficult time narrowing them down.

My heartburn has let up quite a bit to where I only get it if I eat really spicy or greasy foods. My appetite has been next to nothing seeing as there isn't much room for food in my belly with Wyatt taking up so much space. I mean this morning I ate one poptart (not one package, one actual poptart) and felt like I was going to burst! I have also tried increasing my water intake to try to avoid dehydration, something I had when I went into labor with both Nolan and Ryenn.

My weight has increased quite a bit this past week and a half. I want to blame that on not being able to move around as much, but I have noticed quite a bit of growth in my stomach in the past few days. I weighed in this morning at 218.7 pounds. However, at my week 37 mark I weighed in at 222.7 pounds! I don't know if I have lost weight since Saturday or if I was just retaining a ton of water from being sick at that time. Either way, I am glad to be under 220 pounds. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 210.1 and 219.6 pounds. While I am still within a healthy weight gain range, I would feel a lot better if I were in the middle to low end, rather than right at the top. I think that this may change now that I have more energy and am able to sleep a little better. It could also get better with delivering this little peanut!

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