Saturday, September 7, 2013

Floral Blanket the Sequel

I was contacted earlier this week for a special order. This woman is having her first girl and wants something very special for her. She loved the floral blanket that I made earlier this year for Kylee. We have been talking back and forth this week deciding on colors, price, and time frame.

I loved the outcome of the first blanket and was very excited when she wanted this new version to be very girly in the color scheme. I have been wanting to make one for Ryenn in girly colors and love that I am going to be able to see a version of it before I zero in on my own colors. I whipped up a small sample for her earlier this week to gauge the fullness of the flowers with the yarn she wanted to use as well as the colors together. Here is the sample that has colors similar to what she is looking for.

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