Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Minnie Mouse Hat

Now just because I have a newborn AND haven't been updating this blog very often, doesn't mean I haven't kept on creating. I promise you, I have a ton of projects to share. We will start with one I started AND finished the other night. This adorable freaking Minnie Mouse hat.

Sorry, I forgot to take a good picture with my camera and had this sent via mobile phone (better than no picture in my mind)
Baby Lacey turned 1 and we celebrated her birthday this past Sunday. On Saturday night, I started her gift. I had planned to start way earlier but with all the problems with my epidural and then trying to catch up on housework prevented that. But remember that I am pretty good under pressure. I was planning to follow the Mouse Hat pattern by Chasity Edwards, but decided to alter it quite a bit. I made the ears pom poms and added ear flaps for winter. I also added a red band to the bottom to simulate Minnie's dress. I did not have buttons to add as polka dots and did not leave myself enough time to duplicate stitch them on either. Nonetheless, I love the way it turned out.

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