Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Fun!

We are a fall loving family. I mean who doesn't love the fall?! There's warm sweaters (a knitter's best friend), beautiful leaves changing colors, and pumpkin flavored everything. One of my favorite things about fall is pumpkin chai tea latte's from Biggby and pumpkin spice donuts. YUM! The best place to get pumpkin donuts is from Robinette's Apple Haus. We have already been there twice this year!

The first time we went with Adam's side of the family. Allyson and Shane were in town in September so we decided that Shane (who was a Robinette's virgin) needed to take a trip there.

We ate donuts, had warm cider, and brought some goodies home (wine, donuts, etc.). Shane tried one of the fritters (something I had never had) and loved it.

One of my favorite things from Robinette's besides the donuts is their amazing wine. You can go there and taste test the wines, which Allyson and Shane did.

This is when I was introduced to the most delicious wine ever; Cranberry Wine. I love cranberry juice so this was right up my alley.

The second trip we took was with my family (Jessi and her kids, Amiyah, my mom, my grandpa, Adam, our kids, and I). The main reason for going was for the corn maze. My mom wanted to get my grandpa out into one. We split up and our group (my mom, my grandpa, Jakob, Wyatt and I) almost got through it in less than 10 minutes.

We decided to turn back and get a little lost. Then we ran into Jessi, Amiyah, Lily, Kali, Khloe, Ryenn, and Nolan (yes she was crazy enough to take all the little kids). We ended up with Nolan and Ryenn who were very tird and very over the corn maze. I ended up walking a good portion of our second trip with both Wyatt and Ryenn on my hip (yup, I'm good like that).

After the corn maze, the littler kids played on the playset in front of the shop while we got donuts (don't worry, they were supervised very well).

After getting donuts, all the kids, Jessi, my mom, and I went on a hayride. This was my kids' very first hayride.

Wyatt slept after being lulled to sleep by the movement, Ryenn did not want to sit down and cried when I made her, and Nolan enjoyed hanging out on his Grandma's lap looking at the trees and apples.

All and all, the two trips were pretty great. However, I still want to go again.......

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