Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FO Minion Hat

My husband works with some pretty awesome people. I have recently gotten to know Heather, one of the women he works with. Our relationship started when she had told Adam that she had some baby boy clothes she was trying to get rid of. Keep in mind that I had just told Adam that Wyatt would be all set when he was born because we still had most of Nolan's baby stuff.

I told him that I was going to look through her stuff anyway for a few things, which he knew would happen because he knows that I am OBSESSED with baby clothes. I stopped by there one day with my two little rugrats (three if you count Wyatt in utero). When I got there, my two littles played with her two littlest ones who were about the same age. 

We got to talking while I went through two big bins of clothes (and hey I only walked away with one of the bins). We had a ton in common and it was so nice to be able to talk to someone, other than Adam, who could speak in full sentences. 

Just recently, she asked me if I could make her youngest, Andrew, a minion hat. I was super excited to make this for a few reasons. One, she has been so generous to myself and others. Two, I am not too experienced in crochet and this would force me to practice. And three, my kids love the minions so I could gauge whether they would love it too. 

I purchased the pattern from Simply 2 Irresistible on their Etsy site. It was such a great crochet pattern. While I haven't crocheted too many things, its mainly because I can't understand the patterns/stitches. This was not the case with this pattern. The sizing options were clear, the types of stitches used were very easy to understand, and there were numerous options for making these unique. 

I finished the hat in one night!!! It was such a quick thing to make! I was beyond excited seeing as I have so many orders to fulfill right now. Her reception of the hat made it that much better. Adam brought it to her at work and she immediately messaged me to tell me she loved it. I have even gotten a few more requests for one! Including from my own little minions :)

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