Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FO Pikachu Hats

The fall and winter seem to be my busiest times for knitting. With so many projects finished, being finished, or on the needles, knitting has taken on a larger role in my life again. For a little bit there I was stressed out about it. But nonetheless, with each project I get done, the better I feel about myself and my business.

Anyway, I recently had two orders for Pikachu hats. It makes me laugh when I have two of the same thing being ordered. I finished the first one as part of a Halloween costume for a 6 month old. The kids of this family were all going dressed as Pokemon characters. This one reached their home right on Halloween, less than a week after it was ordered.

The second one was a gift from a friend to another friend for their newborn baby. It was fun to make such an itty bitty one.

It's fun to work through similar projects. I feel that the similar projects make it harder to see the progress made though until both are finished.

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