Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween! WARNING: An enormous amount of pictures!

With all that has been going on around our house, blogging has definitely taken a back seat. However, I am hoping that this is going to change.

This year Halloween fell on a Thursday. This worked out perfectly for our family because Adam has Thursdays off from work. This year though, it rained. With everyone getting over or still battling a cold, we decided to be responsible parents and keep our little sicklings in out of the rain. BOO! Who doesn't go trick or treating?!

With this being Wyatt's first Halloween, we couldn't just do nothing. So we dressed the kids up in their costumes and took off for Target. 

Our plan was to get some Halloween themed goodies and have our own fun night at home, in out of the rain. Nolan and Ryenn each picked out their own bag of candy and a new trick or treating bucket that they could play with. Nolan of course picked an Angry Bird pig and Ryenn of course chose Sulley from Monsters Inc. 

We also got foamy stickers for crafting pumpkins inside. They loved that. And so did Adam and I. 

They also each got a glow stick wand. Nolan kept calling them lightsaber bats or lightsaber pumpkins (there was a bat and a pumpkin on the ends of each of them). They took them into the bath that night for a super fun glow in the dark bath. This may have been the funnest part of the night for them. 

It was fine that we weren't able to go trick or treating this year because we did take them to the Zoo Goes Boo event at John Ball Zoo. Here they were able to go around the zoo, check out the animals, wear their costumes, and trick-or-treat from different vendors. It was really fun and we will definitely be doing that again next year!

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