Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wyatt is 2 Months!

Yes I am a little late to adding this post, but we have yet again survived another month of babyhood. I am starting to feel as though Wyatt has been apart of this family forever. I can't remember what life felt like before he entered this world. He is loved so much by everyone in this family, especially his siblings.

It took a while to get Nolan to want to be near him. But now I can't get him to leave him alone. This is only a problem when Wyatt is sleeping. Nolan likes to show and teach him things, which I must say may be the most adorable thing I have ever seen. And miss Ryenn thinks that she must always be touching Wyatt. She is constantly rubbing the top of his head or kissing him. Again, really adorable. I mean, he smiles so big whenever they come into view of him. His response to them is just as adorable as their love for him.

At Wyatt's 2 month appointment, he weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces and was 23.5 inches long. He is above average in both height and weight, just like his siblings. I must say though, that I thought he would be out of his 3 month clothing by now, like both Nolan and Ryenn were at this point. He needs to get more tummy time so he can start pushing himself over. This is a little difficult with two toddlers who do not want to look where they are going or are very clumsy. Thankfully his neck and head control have been out of this world.

He smiled for the first time the day after he turned 1 month old. My heart absolutely melted. There is nothing better than seeing your newborn smile for the first time. He also "laughs." He obviously does not give full giggles, but he does that gasping type sound that shows he is entertained. He also is ticklish. Not just to the point where he squirms when tickled, but he smiles and does his little "laugh" sound. I never had that this early with the other two. Just goes to show that all babies are different.

Which reminds me, he still has days and night mixed up. He is getting better, but still not great. He sleeps really well but usually wants to play between midnight and 3am. He has had a few nights where he has slept the entire night, but those nights are far and few between.

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