Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Better Late than Never: Wyatt is 3 Months!

As you can see, life has gotten quite busier since Wyatt joined our family. I mean, no time to blog?! Like ever?! True. I mean as of right now, I barely have time to sleep everyday. I blame this mostly on homework, toddlers, and a little beeb that has his days and nights mixed up. So let me think back to his 3 month mark.

He is so close to laughing! Its so great. I never thought any of my babies were ticklish this early, but he almost laughs every time I tickle his belly. Its like he is take deep noisy breaths, but we are getting there.

His love for his mommy is amazing. Its so funny when he is sitting with someone else (rare) and he hears my voice, he looks for me. And when I come into view, he lights up! Its such an awesome feeling.

He has gotten so big! I need to switch out his 3 month clothing for his 6 month clothing very soon. He weighed in at 13lbs 9.5oz and 26 inches long at 3 months. That's a huge amount of growth in the last month!

He is still not trying to roll over, but I am sure that will come very soon. He loves tummy time for a bit though. Especially if Ryenn joins him. Did I mention before how much all of the kids love one another. Seriously, its too sweet.

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