Monday, December 16, 2013

FO Floral Blanket the Sequel

Another successful floral blanket complete! I finished this back in early November (November 1st to be exact). That means that this bad boy only took me about 2 weeks to make!!! Usually this blanket takes about 3 months, MINIMUM! I was so excited to make another one of these. While they are truly a pain once you are in the middle of the project (especially how I did it this time), they turn out so beautifully that you forget the torture you put yourself through to make this. 

I mean, who could look at that blanket and not want one! Or maybe the cute little baby (just over 2 months here) helps sell how adorable this blanket is. I want to make Ryenn a larger one and back it with flannel so it will last. Could I endure making nearly 500 flowers?! I am willing to try. She needs this. And I need to make one that won't be leaving my house as soon as its complete. It is always hard to send off a finished product that turns out so great. This floral blanket and the one for Kylee have been the hardest things to mail out. 


  1. Very pretty, what pattern did you end up using? Did you make each flower and see them together?

  2. I used the pattern from this link But another reader posted that the same pattern is available free at