Friday, December 13, 2013

FO Nerd Blanket

Adam is getting old. He doesn't like to be reminded of it, but he is creeping closer to the big 3-0! On the 11th of November, he turned 28! I know some of you will say that 28 is NOT old. But for me, the younger of the two of us, it's fun to tease him. This year he picked out some Bear Grylls knives that he wanted for himself. Of course, he got them early. So I decided to make him something.

I was in Joann's one day with the three kids (yes I know that is something a crazy person would do) and Nolan spotted a microfleece fabric that we just HAD TO HAVE. It was cute. He kept saying "Oh my gosh! Star Wars!" Adam has turned my kids into nerds who all love Star Wars. Who am I kidding? I love it too.

So we brought home the fabric with the intentions of finishing the edges for a nice lighter blanket for Adam. When he saw the fabric, he thought it was awesome. But he thought that it would hold up longer is there was a back fabric.

So I ventured out again a few days later and got a fleece fabric that was Star Trek to make the epitome of nerd blanket style. I am so glad that he suggested backing it because now it is everyone's favorite blanket to use! So cozy and warm! Now I think he may end up with a Lions and Tigers one someday. Hmmm.....

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