Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visiting Santa!

So far our experiences with Santa have included tears, except for Nolan's first Christmas when he was a teeny beeb. Every one since has included either Nolan and/or Ryenn crying. This year, NO TEARS!!!! We even got to take a picture of all five of us with Santa (and was good enough to make the Christmas card this year)!

Ryenn decided to run right up to Santa without me or Adam with her (we were following behind a bit). When she got to him, she talked to him a whole bunch and decided that Santa's lap lacked toys. So she insisted on bringing some of the toys and books from his toy box for him to have. Nolan kind of had to be accompanied because he was a bit unsure. But as you can see from our group shot, he got over that fast. Wyatt could not have cared less, as you can see from below.

We have planned a second trip to see Santa in order to get a picture of me and my sisters, one of all my mom and ray's grandkids, and one of all the kids and grandkids. That plan is for this Saturday. Let's hope that all goes well. 

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