Thursday, January 16, 2014

FO Girls Love Dinos Too

Brittany, who ordered the R2D2 hats for her boys, also has a daughter. She was somewhat stuck on an idea for her hat. When she mentioned that her daughter was really into dinosaurs all of a sudden, I knew the perfect hat for her. I had run across a dino hat pattern that I wanted to make for Ryenn right before talking with her.

The Drake the Dino hat pattern by Paula M. was a perfect pattern for what she was looking for. It was dino, but done girly. It made it really easy when she loved the colors from the picture I sent AND that I already had those similar colors in my stash. I added dark and light purple spots so they would stand out rather than have them blend in.

This hat was so fun to make. And Ryenn and Brittany's daughter both loved the hat. Needless to say, another dino will be making it's way onto the hook very soon.

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