Monday, January 6, 2014

FO Thanksgiving Skirt

When I was shopping for all the fabric for Wyatt's monthly onsies, I fell in love with a fabric that would not work for the onsie project. But I couldn't leave the store without it. I HAD to have it. My kids are obsessed with the "What does the fox say?" song by Ylvis. This fabric had foxes on it. That meant it was coming home with me. Before knowing how much to buy, I had to figure out what to make with it.

After a very short period to think, I decided on a simple circle skirt for Ryenn. I thought it would be perfect paired with her red sweater and black tights to wear on Thanksgiving. It was super easy. So easy in fact that I made it on Thanksgiving morning, about an hour before we had to leave. Everything I did was sewn in straight lines.

I first ironed out the fabric to get rid of the fold marks. Then I sewed a bout an inch and a quarter waistband which would house the elastic band. I also measured how long I wanted the skirt and sewed the hem. I like thicker hems on skirts so I made about a two inch hem. Then I simply wrapped the elastic around her waist to get a size, pulled the elastic a bit tighter so it would stretch to fit her and stay up over her butt, and cut to that size. I then fed it through the waistband that I just finished sewing and seamed up the skirt while sewing the elastic ends together. It turned out great!

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