Friday, January 10, 2014

R2D2 Times 2

I have a great time making products for people I know. This is especially true when I get to see pictures of their adorable kids wearing them on facebook on a regular basis. Brittany is one of those people. This is the second year that she ordered hats for her kids through me. That, in and of itself, is a huge compliment. Repeat customers are the best! 

Anyway, through me she is able to custom order things that her kids are in to. This year, she decided to have her boys each get R2D2 hats. I found a great pattern for them and was super excited to make them. Nolan is a big fan of Star Wars and it was awesome when he knew that it was R2 before I was even half way through the first hat!

This was one of my first stranding projects. I am not too experienced in colorworking with stranding and intarsia. But I made it through and it turned out great! I changed the needle size in order to change the sizing of the hat. I needed a slight variant in sizing and going up a needle size helped with that. I know I will be making another one soon for Nolan. He cried when I mailed them out :(

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  1. I made that hat (or, at least one similar) for my nephew last year - one of my favorites!