Monday, April 28, 2014

All You Need is Love....or Structure

I have contemplated numerous times how to fit all the aspects of my busy life into one blog and how to do so without being a complete and utter mess, as it is now. Like I stated in my last post, I needed to come up with a schedule. That way you readers/followers can anticipate what will come next and may attract more readers. First thing I did was make a list of what my life/my being consists of. Here is said list:
  1. I am a mother
  2. I am a wife
  3. I am a woman
  4. I am a Catholic
  5. I am a student
  6. I am a small business owner
  7. I am a crafter
  8. I run a household
  9. I blog
  10. I am trying to lose weight
  11. I am homeschooling my toddlers through preschool
  12. I am about to start potty training two very stubborn toddlers
  13. I am a plethora of useless information
  14. I enjoy politics/religion/history/law
  15. I am a procrastinator
With this list, I had to come up with a way to juggle all this in 7 days, keep it interesting and possible to follow myself, and I tried to come up with a schedule that would be a fun play one words (or actually letters). I decided to group some of these together. Here are the groupings:
  • 1, 11, and 12
  • 2, 8, and 9
  • 3 and 10
  • 4, 5, 13, and 14
  • 6
  • 7
I then used these groupings to come up with an obtainable schedule. Ready for the final product/schedule? Here is my plan starting May 1st:
  • Mommy Mondays- I will use this day to talk about my weight loss adventures/attempts, fashion (even though I am somewhat lacking a great fashion sense), and my development in my womanly roles.
  • Toddler Tuesdays- I will use this day to update everyone on my progress through homeschooling, potty training, and anything else that my toddlers (or babies) are up to.
  • WIP's Wednesdays- I will use this day to show off my DIY, knitting, and other creative projects.
  • Teach Me Thursday- I will use this day to teach my readers about things I am learning in school, on my job, through reading, or through my Bible study.
  • Family Fridays- I will use this day to share our adventures as a family, what we are planning, and how we are growing as a family. 
  • Sell Me/Sold Me Saturdays- I will use this day to show off products that have been made for customers and things that are new to my shop. 
  • Spousal Sundays- I will use this day to talk about what I am up to as a wife and homemaker, like meal plans, budgeting, and possibly things about the blog itself. I will also talk about my journey to become a Proverbs 31 wife.
Now I need to get on a new name. This blog was started with the thought that I would only want to discuss my business. It has evolved big time since that idea was arrived upon. I now need a name that fits my new blogging style/idea. I am open to suggestions :) 

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