Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Blog Schedule

I am someone who needs lists, and schedules, and order. While I tend to do everything at the last minute, I still need a ton of order to my chaos.For example, I am that person who has like 4 calendars going. I use my Google calendar, a calendar on the wall (like you can get for free at almost any expo or major event with a ton of vendors), and a calendar/planner book that is in my purse. Why do I need these things? I feel like with one hundred things going on in my life (running a business, school, an internship, coordinating appointments for a family of 5, in charge of the bills, planning parties, etc.) I need reminders in one hundred different places. So why in the world has my blog NEVER had a schedule or plan?!

I was driving to my internship today thinking of the chaos that is my blog. There isn't structure. There isn't a well thought out plan. At times, I enjoy this because I can just sit down and write what I want. At other times, I feel like I don't have a plan and things get forgotten (like did you even know I made Ryenn a dress for Christmas?!). I was trying to think of what my blog could be, where it is now, and how I can still write about ALL the things I like to write about while having order.

Then it hit me. I need to have a day devoted to the different topics I want to talk about. For example, we are starting homeschool preschool soon and I want to document some of the things that work well, things that were less than successful and the progress my littles are making. I also want to talk about my health/fitness progress and adventures, my business products, what I am making for my house/family, what fun things we have done as a family, and even some interesting things I learn (and can teach to others) throughout my internship/school/job/etc. With all that, how is my little blog NOT supposed to seem like chaos?!

The solution? Have a schedule! I have decided to come up with a plan for each day and try my hardest to post everyday (like Teach Me Tuesdays or WIPs Wednesdays)! I am vowing to come to this blog space with more structure and a better plan. I want this to be a vast array of information, but not be a mess. I am going to think about this schedule and what I need it to be/what is attainable, then I will post the plan. Is a name change in the future for Adaly Myles Place?!


  1. I still can't believe you fill all those roles! It's kind of crazy-making to write them all out, isn't it? Love your idea of blog scheduling - it's something I should be doing, too.

    1. I know, it really is crazy to think about. I seriously don't see how I find the time to do everything that I do. Yet, I don't know what I would do if my schedule wasn't so jam packed. I have always been one who thrives with being busy. I am still working on what type of schedule I want to work with, but I NEED the structure or I am going to lose my mind :)