Monday, May 5, 2014

Mommy Monday: 30 Day Challenge

I am in the process of finding the perfect 30 day workout challenge and healthy eating plan. With the birth of Wyatt, our third little rug rat, weight loss has been near impossible. I feel like I lack energy unless I eat enough. I have been taking different vitamins that have been helping the lack of energy. However, now I want to implement a eating plan that is obtainable as well as something that could be permanent. I have never been a fan of crash dieting or dieting in general. I need something where I can eat well AND lose weight.

So far I have had an easy time finding the workouts that would be obtainable. I am hoping to start my days with yoga sessions in order to help keep me centered and calm. Hopefully that would help with my emotional nature. I would do a bit of cardio after lunch, using either my stationary bike or going for walks with the kids. I would then due some weight training before bed. I feel like this would help with my weight loss, toning my body, as well as give me more energy, make me feel better about myself, and set a good example for my children on how to take care of their bodies.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sold Me Saturday: Baby Booties

In a matter of a week, I had 5 people message me a picture of some booties they found on Pinterest telling me that they either wanted a pair made or they thought that I should make them and sell them. What's funny is that they had been in my Ravelry queue for over a year. I loved them and wanted so badly to make them for Ryenn. However, this was before I knew anything about crochet (something I still say I know nothing about but have successfully completed numerous advanced crochet patterns). So they sat in my queue. And sat and sat.

Until a friend of my mom's asked me to make a pair for a friend of hers. I was super excited to make these finally. Especially seeing as she wasn't being picky about colors or buttons or anything else. So I ordered a really fun yarn from Knit Picks. I decided on Chroma Fingering Yarn from Knit Picks in the Prism colorway. This knit up in such a fun way.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Teach Me Thursday: Comets

I am currently taking an astronomy class as my science elective for school. Let me start by saying that I think general education courses are really a waste of time. As a future lawyer, I do not see charting stars and planets needed in my repertoire of skills. However, it is one of the more interesting choices for my science elective so that is what I chose. And yes, I am a senior in college FINALLY finishing her general education credits (I saved them for last so that I enjoyed school to begin with and would power through the last few classes to get my degree).