Monday, May 5, 2014

Mommy Monday: 30 Day Challenge

I am in the process of finding the perfect 30 day workout challenge and healthy eating plan. With the birth of Wyatt, our third little rug rat, weight loss has been near impossible. I feel like I lack energy unless I eat enough. I have been taking different vitamins that have been helping the lack of energy. However, now I want to implement a eating plan that is obtainable as well as something that could be permanent. I have never been a fan of crash dieting or dieting in general. I need something where I can eat well AND lose weight.

So far I have had an easy time finding the workouts that would be obtainable. I am hoping to start my days with yoga sessions in order to help keep me centered and calm. Hopefully that would help with my emotional nature. I would do a bit of cardio after lunch, using either my stationary bike or going for walks with the kids. I would then due some weight training before bed. I feel like this would help with my weight loss, toning my body, as well as give me more energy, make me feel better about myself, and set a good example for my children on how to take care of their bodies.

Now the eating plan. I want something that isn't going to give me a huge list of things I can't eat and leave like 5 things I can. I want something that would be easily obtainable while going to restaurants. I also don't want something I need to track or count. I want easy to prepare, kid friendly, and tasty. With so many desires out of an eating plan, I am finding it difficult to find something.

With all that in mind, I have set a goal weight for myself. Now whether I stick to that or not will depend entirely on how my body looks as I lose weight. My ideal weight for my body is 145.5lbs. I feel like that is an insane number and will possibly never be reached (I weighed that in 6th grade!) but that is where I am starting my goal at. That means I need to lose 70lbs!!! WHAT?! How can that be possible?! I know that I could stand to lose 40 (I've been at that weight and felt pretty good about it), but 70?! Really?! Again, I might not stick to that goal as the weight comes off, because I do not want to lose my curves. The hubby likes meat on the bones so I don't want to lose too much.

So starting tomorrow, a new diet and workout regimen, as well as other schedules/projects/etc., is in order. Let's hope everything goes well and I can find the perfect plan tonight.

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