Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sold Me Saturday: Bear Cowl

Pinterest has brought me a lot of business. My friends who are on Pinterest will see something then message me to replicate it for them. A few months ago, I got the same picture (that was spread over Pinterest, FB, and I'm sure every other social media outlet) from five different people. When I posted the picture to my FB saying that I had gotten this picture sent to me via text, FB message, etc. five times in less than three days, I had a few people comment on it. 

My friend Amy was one of those comments who I was excited to be able to work with. Her daughter may be one of the most adorable little ones I have ever seen. What's even funnier is that her daughter looks almost identical to Khloe, my niece! 

Anyway, she asked about me making a bear cowl for her daughter, Kinsley. I then worked out the color options with her. She picked Knit Pick's Brava Bulky in Camel Heather. I loved the way this color looked both in the skein and in the completed product. I adorned it with a large pink button to make it look a little more girlie. She loved it! And that's what makes my job that much more satisfying!

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