Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: POTTY TRAINING!

We have done it! I was skeptical about purchasing an ebook that guaranteed I could have my kids potty trained in 3 days or less, but I did it. And with skepticism and doubt in mind, IT WORKED!!! 3 days! Seriously, we had them completely trained in 3 days!

 I was really worried about ditching diapers. However, with me starting two graduate programs and wanting Nolan to get into preschool, it needed to get done. I wanted to stop having to get diapers for one of the three every other day. While it has not been an accident free month, it was been less accidents than I dealt with while babysitting my friends' kids or my nieces/nephew.

I also thought that night time training at the same time would be a disaster. I thought for sure that there would be no way that I would have night time trained kids in three days. That actually took less time! Ryenn had two nights of accidents and then would get up if she needed to go (and still does every night around 3 or 4 like clockwork). Nolan hasn't had a single night time accident!

If you are potty training, thinking about potty training, struggling with potty training, or knowing you will be potty training down the road, DO NOT LOSE THIS LINK! This serious was the most amazing experience and something I couldn't have done without the guidance of this book. The 3-Day Potty Training Method

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