Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visiting Santa!

So far our experiences with Santa have included tears, except for Nolan's first Christmas when he was a teeny beeb. Every one since has included either Nolan and/or Ryenn crying. This year, NO TEARS!!!! We even got to take a picture of all five of us with Santa (and was good enough to make the Christmas card this year)!

Monday, December 16, 2013

FO Floral Blanket the Sequel

Another successful floral blanket complete! I finished this back in early November (November 1st to be exact). That means that this bad boy only took me about 2 weeks to make!!! Usually this blanket takes about 3 months, MINIMUM! I was so excited to make another one of these. While they are truly a pain once you are in the middle of the project (especially how I did it this time), they turn out so beautifully that you forget the torture you put yourself through to make this. 

I mean, who could look at that blanket and not want one! Or maybe the cute little baby (just over 2 months here) helps sell how adorable this blanket is. I want to make Ryenn a larger one and back it with flannel so it will last. Could I endure making nearly 500 flowers?! I am willing to try. She needs this. And I need to make one that won't be leaving my house as soon as its complete. It is always hard to send off a finished product that turns out so great. This floral blanket and the one for Kylee have been the hardest things to mail out. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

First Movie

On the 6th, we took the kids (yes all of them) to the movies. We have been wanting to see Frozen for a while because Nolan and Ryenn go nuts whenever they see a preview for it. So we decided to make that one of our Holiday musts (we have a to-do list for the holiday events).

They did pretty well. Only one little incident of Ryenn wanting to sit with EVERYONE! It was resolved by giving her the popcorn bucket.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

FO Minion Girlfriend Hat

Once the boy minion hat was made, a girl was close behind. I got a second order for a minion hat almost immediately. This was yet another one of Adam's coworkers.

He wanted a minion hat for his little girl and I suggested changing the colors to pink for a more girlie version. He was all for it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

FO Nerd Blanket

Adam is getting old. He doesn't like to be reminded of it, but he is creeping closer to the big 3-0! On the 11th of November, he turned 28! I know some of you will say that 28 is NOT old. But for me, the younger of the two of us, it's fun to tease him. This year he picked out some Bear Grylls knives that he wanted for himself. Of course, he got them early. So I decided to make him something.

I was in Joann's one day with the three kids (yes I know that is something a crazy person would do) and Nolan spotted a microfleece fabric that we just HAD TO HAVE. It was cute. He kept saying "Oh my gosh! Star Wars!" Adam has turned my kids into nerds who all love Star Wars. Who am I kidding? I love it too.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

FO Three Pretty Maids

I finished the three coordinating hats and got them sent out on the 30th. I was so excited with how adorable these hats turned out. They were so easy to knit and so quick! I mean I finished three in about 2 weeks! 

Kind of amazing when you add homework, babies, and housework in there too. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Better Late than Never: Wyatt is 3 Months!

As you can see, life has gotten quite busier since Wyatt joined our family. I mean, no time to blog?! Like ever?! True. I mean as of right now, I barely have time to sleep everyday. I blame this mostly on homework, toddlers, and a little beeb that has his days and nights mixed up. So let me think back to his 3 month mark.

He is so close to laughing! Its so great. I never thought any of my babies were ticklish this early, but he almost laughs every time I tickle his belly. Its like he is take deep noisy breaths, but we are getting there.