Thursday, January 16, 2014

FO Girls Love Dinos Too

Brittany, who ordered the R2D2 hats for her boys, also has a daughter. She was somewhat stuck on an idea for her hat. When she mentioned that her daughter was really into dinosaurs all of a sudden, I knew the perfect hat for her. I had run across a dino hat pattern that I wanted to make for Ryenn right before talking with her.

The Drake the Dino hat pattern by Paula M. was a perfect pattern for what she was looking for. It was dino, but done girly. It made it really easy when she loved the colors from the picture I sent AND that I already had those similar colors in my stash. I added dark and light purple spots so they would stand out rather than have them blend in.

This hat was so fun to make. And Ryenn and Brittany's daughter both loved the hat. Needless to say, another dino will be making it's way onto the hook very soon.

Friday, January 10, 2014

R2D2 Times 2

I have a great time making products for people I know. This is especially true when I get to see pictures of their adorable kids wearing them on facebook on a regular basis. Brittany is one of those people. This is the second year that she ordered hats for her kids through me. That, in and of itself, is a huge compliment. Repeat customers are the best! 

Anyway, through me she is able to custom order things that her kids are in to. This year, she decided to have her boys each get R2D2 hats. I found a great pattern for them and was super excited to make them. Nolan is a big fan of Star Wars and it was awesome when he knew that it was R2 before I was even half way through the first hat!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wyatt is 4 Months Old!

Right before Christmas, Wyatt turned 4 months old. What the what?! Wasn't this little dude just born. It's unbelievable the milestones he has hit this past month. It's amazing the things has has done in a few short weeks.

The first big thing he has done was roll over. I was complaining the morning of the 21st that he hadn't rolled over yet. He must have been offended because later that night, he rolled right over. Then he wouldn't stay on his belly. He found the way to avoid tummy time. He also giggled. A full out giggle!!! One of the most amazing sounds for a mother is their child's giggles.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pictures on Display

Last year sometime, I ordered a vinyl decal from Define Your Space Vinyl. It was a very large print measuring 11" X 36". I am a big fan of quotes and words as part of the decor and have always been a fan of vinyl decals on the walls. However, with Adam and I planning on moving sooner rather than later, I didn't want to order a decal and have it be wasted. I decided to try something different with this decal.

I bought a poster sized frame and added the decal to the glass instead of on one of my walls. I then decided to place some of our 4" X 6" pictures that were taken by Tyla on either side of the decal. It turned out better than I could have imagined.

Monday, January 6, 2014

FO Thanksgiving Skirt

When I was shopping for all the fabric for Wyatt's monthly onsies, I fell in love with a fabric that would not work for the onsie project. But I couldn't leave the store without it. I HAD to have it. My kids are obsessed with the "What does the fox say?" song by Ylvis. This fabric had foxes on it. That meant it was coming home with me. Before knowing how much to buy, I had to figure out what to make with it.

After a very short period to think, I decided on a simple circle skirt for Ryenn. I thought it would be perfect paired with her red sweater and black tights to wear on Thanksgiving. It was super easy. So easy in fact that I made it on Thanksgiving morning, about an hour before we had to leave. Everything I did was sewn in straight lines.