Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brief Break

So there has been a lot going on in our family right now which is resulting in an indefinite break from this blog. Especially seeing as I broke my laptop and won't get me new one until tomorrow. I am hoping this break will be short lived, but my priorities are else where at the moment. See you all soon!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mommy Monday: Weight Loss

With being so busy with kids, school, internship, volunteering, running a household, maintaining a blog and running a business, I don't ever seem to have time. I mean I am researching options for law school, studying for LSATs (well I was at least), applying for an MBA program on top of my JD program, trying to keep up on housework, trying (and failing) to help the hubby with yard work, and make plans to remodel different parts of our house so we can sell soon. How am I ever to have time to workout, meal plan, worry about my weight, etc?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spousal Sunday: Love and Respect

I have been reading the book Love and Respect with Adam. It seriously may be the best book I have ever read. While there are parts that are repetitive, it truly gives some amazing advice on marriage. With the numerous examples of terrible marriages in the world, Adam and I have vowed to take a proactive approach to our own marriage in order to give our children a first hand view of what a marriage should be.

Before anyone thinks that I am claiming we have a perfect marriage, let me just say that a perfect marriage does not exist. There will be fights (and yes we fight and bicker quite a bit), hurtful words said, and expectations not being met.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sold Me Saturday: Bear Cowl

Pinterest has brought me a lot of business. My friends who are on Pinterest will see something then message me to replicate it for them. A few months ago, I got the same picture (that was spread over Pinterest, FB, and I'm sure every other social media outlet) from five different people. When I posted the picture to my FB saying that I had gotten this picture sent to me via text, FB message, etc. five times in less than three days, I had a few people comment on it. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Family Friday: Children's Museum

Back in April, the kids got their first experience at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. I had never been there before (which is somewhat surprising seeing as I have 5 nieces/nephew) and wasn't sure of what to expect.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Teach Me Thursday: American Terrorists

The idea of committing heinous and violent crimes in the name of Jesus Christ is something that is both hard to comprehend as well as something that seems all too real in today’s society. From the pro-life to the anti-gay marriage campaigns, God seems to be put as the sole reason people continue to bully and deny legislature passage for those who are “committing unGodly acts.” These movements are among some of the violent and vicious attacks that are made in the name of Jesus Christ. The Phineas Priesthood takes these actions to the extreme. While most protests and campaigns resist violence, the Priests act out in violent and heinous ways in the hopes to create a new nation.

The concept that all started the Phineas Priesthood group’s beliefs, ideals, and motivations to commit their terrorist acts began with a book that was written in 1990 by a white supremacist and Christian Identity follower Richard Kelly Hoskins called Vigilantes of Christendom: The Story of the Phineas Priesthood, (Anti-Defamation League, 2005). The members of the Phineas Priesthood, according to Hoskins, are inspired “by an Old Testament figure Phinehas who, in order to protect the purity of the Israelites and keep them from harm, killed a fellow Israelite that had taken up with a foreign woman,” (Anti-Defamation League, 2005). The Phineas Priests aimed to rid the nation of immorality as well as those who violated Biblical Law. Banks were seen as praising money above all else, while charging interest immorally. They also targeted abortion clinics, murderers, or any other individual or group that they believed to be committing immoral sins or acting in an unGodly way. Phineas Priests have spent their time committing crimes they believe to be against those who have violated Biblical law. “‘God’s Law’ requires them to fight “usury,” (banking and taxation), “adultery” (race mixing), homosexuality, abortion, and Jews in government and commerce. Some of their “required” actions include “plundering” (robbing banks and armored cars, committing fraud and counterfeiting) to undermine the so-called “usury system” and finance a white Christian revolution. They also advocate the bombing of federal buildings and abortion clinics,” (Leader, n.d., para. 3).

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIPs Wednesday-Floral Blanket #3

I have gotten so much traffic to this blog and my shop because of the past floral blankets that I have made for others. I completely understand why. There aren't too many pieces that are like this. I know that when I saw a picture that was used for the pattern I fell in love and couldn't wait to make one.

I was contacted through my shop for another custom ordered floral blanket. She has been a pleasure to work with and gave me a pretty stellar color palette to work with. My last client was somewhat difficult with the time frame she wanted it completed in as well as the colors. I was beyond excited to start this blanket.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: POTTY TRAINING!

We have done it! I was skeptical about purchasing an ebook that guaranteed I could have my kids potty trained in 3 days or less, but I did it. And with skepticism and doubt in mind, IT WORKED!!! 3 days! Seriously, we had them completely trained in 3 days!

 I was really worried about ditching diapers. However, with me starting two graduate programs and wanting Nolan to get into preschool, it needed to get done. I wanted to stop having to get diapers for one of the three every other day. While it has not been an accident free month, it was been less accidents than I dealt with while babysitting my friends' kids or my nieces/nephew.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mommy Monday: Life

Life. It is a beautiful thing. It has an amazing way of giving you exactly what you need and want exactly when you need it and especially when you work hard for it. I have created/birthed three little lives. I am living a wonderful life with an amazing man where all our dreams are coming true. There are still so many things I want to be doing and accomplishing. One thing, a successful blog. I have pushed this poor little blog onto my back burner due to the numerous things that have been going on in life. Let's rewind a bit to the beginning of June.

I graduated! I did it! I actually graduated. I started my journey of attending school in February of 2012. I was really nervous having to start from square one. Classes that I had taken at WMU did not transfer due to the fact that I was pursuing a completely different program. So I had to start over. While I was worried it would take me forever to finish, I decided to take a completely full course load in order to finish quicker taking 20, sometimes 21, credit hours a quarter.