Monday, February 6, 2012

Holla Knits

I have mentioned my sister, Allyson, quite a bit. She and my mother-in-law are the one's who have gotten me into knitting. They taught me how to knit in November 2009. I have been obsessed with it ever since. I stop to look at sweaters in the store to see if I could knit it ratehr than buy it. It's become an illness I believe. When Allsyon was here from Chicago at Christmas time, she was working on some things for her upcoming e-magazine, Holla Knits. I was absolutely in love with what she had on her needles! When I asked her if there was anything I could help with getting this project (meaning the whole magazine) up and running, she surprised me when she enlisted me to be a test knitter for her! I was super excited. I never thought of myself as on a level that would be good enough for that. I accepted and have been counting down the days to get started on these knits. 
Allyson posted this picture on her blog and I was anxiously waiting for this!
Allyson posted a picture of the yarn that Knits in Class had hand-dyed specifically for this project. I was like a puppy waiting by the door for their owner when I saw this picture, except I was waiting for some yarn! They are some of my favorite colors and I have never knit with hand-dyed yarns before!

Finally at home with me!
I received the yarn this past Friday and couldn't wait to get started. All of my knitting has had to take a back seat since I started school this January. Well this bad boy didn't sit in a bag too long. I got this on my needles on Saturday morning! I was loving the way the yarn felt and the colors and before you know it, I had quite a few rows done. 

Stained glass look
I absolutely loved what Allyson was knitting up and was excited when mine was looking the same (that tends to happen when you follow the same pattern). This "stained-glass" edging on the bottom of the Umbre Lovre Tee (amazing name right?) looks gorgeous! I cannot wait to get this done so I can wear it!

More edging
I was able to finish all of the bottom edging in a matter of an hour or two! The pattern is very easy to follow and very thorough. She does an amazing job! And Kate at Knits in Class will be releasing these yarn colors for you to purchase as well as Allyson will be selling subscriptions to her upcoming e-zine in April.  

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