Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

My husband works on Sundays so any holiday that may fall on a Sunday is rescheduled. It worked out great this year to celebrate Easter on a Saturday with our family seeing as my mother-in-law didn't have to work that day either. That gave me one less day to get Ryenn's dress done. I am a huge procrastinator and waited until Friday night around 10 or 11 to actually cut the fabric! Why would I do that to myself? I never know. I did the same thing with her Christmas dress. I bought the fabric earlier this week (along with a bunch of other fabric for some other projects). The choices were very slim at the Hobby Lobby I went to. However, it was fine because I fell in love with a pastel yellow, floral print! It was exactly what I was looking for. I paired it with a pastel pink fabric for the bodice of her dress.
Floral and pink!
I decided to make her dress without a pattern because they can get super expensive. I decided to make a simple skirt with an even simpler bodice. When I finished, I felt it needed straps to make it look more like a baby's dress. I cut and sewed on two strips of the floral fabric I used for the skirt and decided to make them cross in the back.
Finished dress

I got the dress done around 1am and then Ryenn woke up to play. It worked out kind of nice because I was then able to try the dress on her! It fit better than I expected. The straps were a bit big but the fabric didn't have much give to it so it was a bit difficult to get her in and out of it.
Pretty girl in her dress
Loving the grass
It was a great Easter! The kids got completely spoiled by the Easter bunny and my mother-in-law. When we saw the Easter baskets all put together, it looked more like Christmas morning than it did Easter. We spent all Saturday at the in-laws, playing outside, playing with the new toys, and eating a great meal. Now we are spending the actual day of Easter resting after such a busy day.
Kid's Easter baskets
Nolan playing with some of his new toys
He loves it outside
In her bunny ears

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  1. I am envious of your sewing skills - not only do I need a pattern, but usually some serious will-power to get myself through the ironing and pinning.
    Your children are darling :)