Friday, April 20, 2012

Tulip Festival without Tulips

Holland, Michigan celebrates Tulip Time Festival every year. This year it is scheduled to be celebrated from May 5 to May 12. However, this year, it may be celebrated without the tulips. Due to the unseasonably warm weather we have been having here in Michigan, everything is blooming early. This includes the tulips. I have been wanting to see the Tulips for quite some time and today we did! The rain cut our trip a little short, but we were able to visit Veldheer's Tulip Farm before the rain came. I am a sucker for tulips (I prefer them to the very cliche roses when receiving flowers). So imagine my excitement to see 5.5 million tulips in one location! Adam and I are planning a second trip, seeing as the rain prevented us from seeing more. I took so many pictures. Here's a few of them:

Nolan riding in the storage basket of the stroller with Ryenn
Pink with white tips
Yellow tulips
Gorgeous right? White and Pink Tulips
Purple Tulips (a.k.a. my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE)
Loved the multiple colors together
Fuschia tulips
Pink, partially open tulips
The two cutest kids in the world
Pink and white tulips
Striped tulips

After just this one day with all these tulips, guess what this girl is buying come this fall? You guessed it, TULIP BULBS! I want an area filled with tulips! The first on my list is the deep purple tulips. This place was so packed with tulips. I can't wait for us to go check out some more places. Nolan really enjoyed running around in the grassy areas. He did slip and fall in the mud at one point, which was not a highlight of the trip.


  1. I love tulips, too - but somehow never get around to planting the bulbs in the fall. This year will be my year!

  2. Great pictures Emily! Those tulips look amazing! And those kids are pretty cute, too!

  3. Thanks girls! @Kate, Im hoping to plant bulbs this fall and hopefully they actually grow. Everything I plant seems to die because I don't have time to water anything. @Allyson, thanks! I was trying to get good shots! I have some pictures for you when you are here next.