Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Got Sunshine....

March has been a roller coaster in the ways of weather. Right now I have the heat on because it literally at the freezing point outside. You can't ask for a better month though as far as abnormally good weather. We Michiganders have been spoiled. Well the nice weather, and the fact that miss Ryenn still has a very bald little head, has made me think about investing in sunhats for her.

Isn't she sweet?!
When I got to the store, I was planning to buy a bunch of them. For starters, they are EXPENSIVE! Like $15 per hat! Not expensive for one, but for as many as I wanted to stock up on. I could have easily spent $100 or more just on covering my beeb's little noggin. Secondly, they only had one cute print and all the rest were solid. I was disappointed to say the least. Then it hit me! There are so many fabric choices and I have a sewing machine, why not make them myself?!

My bald princess
I found a few tutorials online that I will have to alter to get exactly what I'm looking for, but think this little project should be easy enough. I plan to add these to my Etsy shop as soon as I finish a few this week. I have some left over fabrics from my mother-in-law that I will be using for the prototypes, but I have already begun shopping online for other prints for little miss Ryenn! She is going to be decked out in these hats. I will have at least one to show you early next week.

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