Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lost in a Sea of Homework

I haven't been keeping up on blog posts, but I swear for good reason. I did finish up and make progress on some knits, which I will share this week. For now I am just going to explain college classes while having 2 kids.

It's amazingly difficult to find the time to do the mountains of homework that are due on a daily basis with kids that aren't able to care for themselves. I've also added a third little one to the picture part time who turned 1 in October. So that's 2 running around and 1 crawling everywhere.

I've managed to get everything done on time and with great success which is a huge surprise to me. I have written 6 ( and that's not an exaggerated figure) research papers for one class and its only the third week. I also finished one of my classes this past Wednesday after 3 weeks (it was an accelerated course) and aced the final exam! I realized this past week that around June-ish of 2013 I will finally have my Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

I haven't missed out on the good things in life though by burying my head in the books. Ryenn just turned 8 months and she is doing so much. She is crawling and has said momma. She also started waving today! And Nolan is starting to communicate what it is he wants; food, drink, down, up, which movie he wants, etc. They both are getting so big so fast.

My husband and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary on the 5th of March. Adam is by far the greatest man I have ever met (though trust me, I've known some real doozies). He has been so helpful and supportive with my schooling. He even got me a brand new laptop with a bit of our tax refund. I couldn't ask for a greater husband and friend to be by my side in life.

I'll also be sharing some big news later this week. Any guesses to what it could be? I won't be sharing until later this week, but would love to hear guesses.

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