Monday, March 26, 2012

Parky Park and the Baby Bunch

Only in Michigan can you spend a whole week in shorts, laying out, and playing in the park just to turn around the next week and need the heat on for freeze warnings. I enjoy the warmer seasons in Michigan thoroughly while I count down the days when its cold until it will be warm again. I have been spoiled this March with the 70 and 80 degree weather. My kids have enjoyed it too. Nolan throws a fit when we have to come inside after playing outside. He enjoys romping around in the back yard with the dogs, playing in the dirt, and loves going down the slides at the park near our house. Ryenn went on the slide with me and wasn't too thrilled. She liked the swings much better. She does love to see me or Adam play with the dogs. Moose, our Saint Bernard, is a big dummy. He chases sticks around the dirt like he is a cat. Then when he can't catch it and Ryenn is hysterically laughing, he runs over and tackles Xandar. I decided just to share some of my kids' playful pictures seeing as I am working on the same sweaters (my knit-along Delancey for the Sweatshop of Love and my second Delancey for my older's sister's birthday) and didn't make much progress this week due to an overload of homework (finals, rsearch papers, labs, etc.). Enjoy!
Nolan on the big boy slide by himself

Ryenn on Nolan's tricycle

Nolan on grandma's trampoline

Nolan on grandma's swingset

Ryenn's first time in the grass

Nolan pushing the Mac Wagon

Ryenn's first time on the swings

Still pushing the Mac Wagon

My little acrobat

Fun with Whip Cream on her high chair tray at Aunt Jessi's house

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