Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FO Yellow Maxi Dress

I mentioned before that I was following a tutorial that I pinned on my Pinterest page for a maxi dress. The tutorial was written by Katy at Sweet Verbena. It was amazingly simple and the finished pictures she showed were AMAZING to say the least. After deciding I needed a dress for my son's 2nd birthday party, I jumped at the chance to make this dress. I purchased a polyester blend, jersey knit fabric in a very loud yellow.
yellow fabric in the sun
I then followed the step by step process of making this dress. It would have been an even faster creation had I actually started sewing right. Instead of putting the right sides together, I put the wrong sides together. It was torturous ripping out the stitches seeing as I do not own a thread ripper.
before length was cut
I left the length as the tutorial stated and it was extremely long. I was tempted to cut the length to where I wanted it, but didn't. Instead, I followed the directions and washed and dried it first. This was a great idea seeing as it shrunk up a bit.

so fun!

my new favorite!
This dress is by far the easiest thing to sew up! The tutorial that Katy drew up was so easy to follow and created such a great dress! You may be seeing more of this dress but in different colors :)


  1. Em, its beautiful! I love it! Awesome job!

  2. Thanks! It was super easy and I just love maxi dresses all of a sudden!

  3. Love the dress you look beautiful!